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Gifting with Chaos Doodles

As you are brainstorming gifts for the upcoming season, it’s a great opportunity to think outside the box. Being a little creative can improve your gifting game. And let’s face it, choosing the perfect gift can be a pretty daunting task. It takes a lot of thought and effort to come up with the right gift for a friend, family member or a loved one. Moreover, packing that gift the right way is another task altogether. But don’t worry, we are here to make your job easy.

3 Things to Consider While Getting Unique Gifts for Your Loved Ones

  • The gift should create an unique and personalised keepsake

  • The gift should be high on quality yet offer value for money

  • The gift should be beyond an art piece and have high utility

Let’s look at some amazing gift options:


There was a time when scented candles were considered as a ‘gift for girls’ only. Today scented candles have been redefined as a gender neutral gifting option with special fragrances made for men like hemp, musk, cigar, wild flowers, amber and more. On a composition level, the use of soy wax has transformed candles into a long lasting product which are now non-polluting and pet safe. Candles are used not just in bedrooms, but given the right fragrance, they can bring alive the occasion at your home bar too! New range of bathroom candles are a great variant as well. While it is common to find good quality and premium candles in luxury retail stores, you can now find them right here at the Chaos Doodles website starting at just Rs.699 for a 6oz capacity which has a burn time of 30 hours! These artisan candles are hand poured in good old style fashion and come packed in a gift box with a complimentary option to add a personalised note for the recipient.

Premium quality scented candles are evergreen gifts which seldom fail to impress. Scented candles are known for their versatility. From Caramel Vanilla for a festive vibe to Cherry Blossom for a romantic date night, you can easily find something for every occasion. Since our sense of smell is directly connected with our emotions and memories, scented candles make a unique and meaningful gift.

Scented candles have the ability to transport us to a special place, on top of that, they are a great mood booster. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy lighting up a candle after a long day of work to destress? Chaos Doodles has a curated collection of scented soy wax candles that would perfectly fit the needs of everyone. These candles are safe around kids and pets alike.


Wall Arts are beautiful gifts that are best suited for a new house or for someone moving into a new place . It gets even better when you can get it custom designed to give a part of yourself with a gift like that. By gifting an original artwork, you ensure that your loved ones have something which is one of a kind. Also, one of the reasons why a Wall Art makes for a perfect gift is that people tend to treasure such displays for years to come and even pass them through generations. That is why handcrafted artwork is the right gift for it being timeless and long lasting.


Serving Trays bring in the aura of the hosts to the table (alongside great snacking & beverages, of course) Serving Trays are a perfect gift for family and friends who appreciate a little creativity while lounging.

Serving Trays can serve (pun intended) as a great gift set for a variety of occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, pool parties, or house warming.


What is that one thing that just instantly enhances the appeal of a coffee table? It's the coasters. If someone were to give me coasters, I’d cry with joy. These small household items pose as one of those special gifts that are hard to forget.

A set of beautiful coasters are a useful yet frivolous thing that are inherently cool and don’t burn a hole in your pocket. They offer an opportunity to show off personality and style and speak of luxury.

Coasters are also an easy way to try your hands on interior designing without having to remodel the kitchen or living room. At Chaos Doodles, you can opt for a set that mimics the authenticity and mural style and enrich every day conversation at your loved one’s favourite coffee table.


Some of the greatest creations, ideas, stories and formulas are hand written in notebooks. An inspiring cover page and premium quality writing sheets stroke the mind to do it better.

So, when you gift someone a beautifully designed notebook, appreciation comes your way.And it is one of those things that you would even consider buying for yourself when the range is irresistible. Do check out our range of notebooks that would make for a perfect gift for your friends!


Bookmarks are have multi-purpose value. Apart from book readers, bookmarks are useful for professionals as well. They are usually available in many designs and can be used for formal and informal gifting occasions. A designer bookmark is a hallmark of creativity and spirituality.

Like something you see? Check out our wide range of unique products that would make for perfect gifts to your loved ones.

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