Yin and Yang Handcrafted Wooden Serving Tray and 2 Coasters in Gift B

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There exists a power for balance. The Yin and Yang concept goes back thousands of years and mentions the functionality of dual composition, the two parts of the mind and how we all are leading two lives at once. An ode to parallelism and duality; it is an interesting piece to have for all sun signs with dual shades

Made with durable industry grade resin on the surface, it is built to last. It can withstand occasional spills and cleansing by alcoholic sanitiser.


  • Handcrafted Tableware
  • Set of One Serving trays and Two Table Coasters
  • Size- 10inches * 5inches
  • Built to last with industry grade resin layer

  • Ideal for serving and storage

  • Takes occasional water spills head on!

  • Safe for sanitiser 

  • Great for gifting and blessings 

  • Comes packed in a premium collectable Gift Box with a personalised note! 

  • A quality product from Chaos Doodles; crafted in India



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